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Studying abroad is one of the most transformative and life-changing experiences.

We helps you make the most of this huge investment in time and cost with our proven approach to studying abroad in leading country UK. The team of career counsellors helps you choose an apt study abroad program based on your career choice. We help you make an informed career decision.

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Student Visas are given to individuals who aspire to study abroad. They can undertake full-time or part-time study in the respective country they wish to study. Obtaining a student visa is one of the most vital task when preparing for studying overseas. Our expert counsellors will guide you in the documentation process, which makes it easy for you to secure a student visa. MoreVisas will provide complete assistance for obtaining a student visa. With the booming competition for qualified professionals, there is a significant increase in issue of student visas in many countries. The course of study and the type of university you plan to study determines which type of student visa you require.

A student visa usually requires that the potential applicant is eligible to study at a local educational institution, which approves to provide courses to foreign students by the local government. Furthermore, in most of the cases applicants must also prove that they have enough funds to support themselves.

Some of the student visas allow students to work for a limited number of hours per week. It is mandatory that all the applicants provide a copy of their passport and letter of enrolment from the educational institution along with their application. The applicant should have a clear idea of the purpose of course they want to study and then apply for a Student Visa.